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Dilators, Cervical Canal, Balloon

Definition : Cervical canal dilators consisting of catheters tipped with one or two inflatable silicone balloons that are used for mechanically augmenting the caliber of the uterine cervical canal before obstetric labor induction. The balloon-tipped catheter is inserted into the uterine cervical opening. Saline is injected through the catheter to expand the balloon or balloons, which then apply pressure to the cervix causing the cervix to slowly open or dilate. The single balloon dilator places the balloon to the uterine side of the cervix and the double balloon dilator places a balloon on the uterine side and a balloon on the vaginal side of the cervix; the catheter is placed through both balloons. The catheter is left in place until the cervix has dilated enough (to about 3 cm) for the balloon or balloons to be removed.

Entry Terms : "Barnes Dilators" , "Colpeurynters" , "Braun's Colpeurynters" , "Balloon Abortion Units" , "Balloon Cervix Dilators" , "Cervical Canal Balloon Dilators" , "Cervical Ripening Balloons" , "Metreurynters"

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