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Definition : Voltmeters designed to measure voltage (i.e., alternating, AC, and/or direct current, DC, electric potential difference) in the order of thousands of volts. These instruments typically consist of portable or handheld instruments that can determine voltage levels (from a few to hundreds of thousands volts) without physical contact with the measured equipment; some instruments should be physically connected to the measured equipment using a resistive voltage divider. The instrument usually includes an integral or attached display to show the results of voltage measurements. Kilovoltmeters are used mainly for testing radiographic and fluoroscopic units and systems for quality assurance purposes; dedicated instruments intended to measure voltage in mammographic or dental units are also available. The instruments may be used also to calibrate high-voltage power supplies and other high voltage equipment. Kilovoltmeters included in integrated units intended for tests during quality control of radiologic equipment that can also measure other values (e.g., time, exposure rate) are also available.

UMDC code : 27039

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