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Software, Stereotactic System, Frame-Guided

Definition : Stereotactic system software designed to operate frame-guided, computer-aided stereotactic systems and control/monitor their functions. This software is usually intended to work only with one or a few models of frame-guided systems, usually supplied by the same manufacturer. Tthe software performs a variety of algorithms to make possible the appropriate performance of the system during the procedure and to facilitate the sending/receiving of patient information from and to a workstation and/or imaging and information systems. Frame-guided surgical stereotactic system software is frequently available separate from the stereotactic system and may be also updated (i.e., through the release of modified versions) during the life of the surgical system. Dedicated frame-guided stereotactic system software intended for neurosurgery and radiosurgery is available.

Entry Terms : "Frame-Guided Surgery Stereotactic System Software"

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