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Tubes, Jejunostomy, Pancreatic Drainage

Definition : Jejunostomy tubes designed for insertion of the distal tip into the pancreatic duct for passive external drainage of fluids after surgery. These devices typically consist of a single-lumen plastic or silastic tube with a stopper (e.g., a balloon, a protruding attachment, stopper rings) at the distal end for easy fixation in the pancreatic duct and an external end that is attached to a collection container (e.g., bag, vessel). Pancreatic drainage tubes are used for passive (i.e., through capillary action and/or gravity) draining of pancreatic fluids (also known as pancreatic juices) after surgical procedures involving the pancreas, such as pancreatoduodenectomy and/or pancreatojejunostomy.

Entry Terms : "Pancreatic Drainage Tubes" , "Tubes, Pancreatic Drainage"

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