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Cooling Units, Patient, Circulating-Liquid

Definition : Cooling units designed to lower a patient's body temperature by circulating liquid through hoses in close contact with the outside of the patient's body. These units consist of a central refrigerator system which pumps cooled liquid through hoses to other hoses contained inside a device in contact with the patient's body (e.g., a pad, mattress, or blanket, or a head wrap or vest worn by a patient); most also feature temperature controls and alarms. Patient temperature is typically monitored with a thermometer. Circulating-liquid patient cooling units are used for cooling patients with fever or to induce hypothermia in the operating room. They may also be used to induce temporary hypothermia, in order to limit tissue damage in patients who have suffered a stroke or other cardiovascular or neurological event.

Entry Terms : "Patient Cooling Units, Circulating Fluid" , "Cooling Units, Patient, Circulating-Fluid" , "Patient Cooling Units, Circulating Liquid"

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products, Inc. opened for business as a distributor of frozen foods that would later become the first U.S. distributor of home deep-freezers. Nine years after its start, the company changed directions and began manufacturing and marketing temperature-controlled products.

VQ OrthoCare

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Founded in 1989, VQ OrthoCare is a leading provider of noninvasive medical solutions focused on bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions. Services include in-home patient fitting of braces and medical devices, technology-enabled compliance monitoring, physician and payor support and around-the-clock patient care.

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