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Controllers, Disabled-Patient-Assistance

Definition : Controllers designed to assist disabled individuals remotely control a variety of equipment, usually in an individual's immediate environment. These controllers typically consist of electronic units that interact (e.g., using radiofrequency or infrared energy) with receiving devices interfaced with appliances such as light switches, appliances (e.g., television sets, VCRs, CD players, thermostats), and bed and door controls; the controller typically includes a built-in telephone set. Disabled-patient-assistance controllers are intended to help people with different degrees of disability perform daily activities with a high degree of independence. A variety of activation modes for the controllers are available; including switch, voice, head motion, blowing straw-like sensors (i.e., mouth activated), and eye movement tracking or a combination of several.

Entry Terms : "Environmental Control Units (ECU), Disabled-Patient-Assistance" , "Disabled-Patient-Assistance Controllers" , "Assistive Devices"

UMDC code : 24873

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