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Definition : Devices designed to provide illumination and/or radiant energy. Lights usually convert electrical power into emitted radiation, typically in a wavelength range that may include the infrared, visible, and/or ultraviolet spectrum. Lights used for illumination emit light mainly in the visible spectrum (i.e., the part of the wavelength range that is visible to the human eye); some infrared and ultraviolet lamps may be also used for examination. These devices include high intensity lights used in healthcare for examination and diagnostic procedures; infrared and ultraviolet lights are mainly used for other purposes (e.g., heating and germicidal use, respectively). Lights intended for therapeutic use are usually known as phototherapy units and are not included in this category. Lights are available in stand-alone, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and portable/handheld configurations.

Entry Terms : "Lights, Other"

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