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Controllers, Specialty Bed/Mattress System

Definition : Controllers designed to regulate the operation of a specialty bed/mattress system in order to provide a specific function/therapy. Bed/mattress system controllers can be an integral part of the specialty bed/mattress system, available as stand-alone devices that are used in conjunction with the specialty bed/mattress systems, or as modules designed to be inserted into a dedicated location within the specialty bed frame, and then used to expand the existing functions of the specialty bed/mattress system and regulate that functions' operation. Specialty bed/mattress system controllers when used in conjunction with a specialty bed and/or correlating mattress system allow users to configure and deliver specific types of therapy via the bed and/or mattress surface, such as continual lateral rotation therapy or percussion/vibration therapy, or provide a low air-loss surface.

Entry Terms : "Mattress System Controllers" , "Specialty Bed Controllers" , "Bed Modules"

UMDC code : 24485

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