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Analyzers, Laboratory, Microparticle Characteristic

Definition : Laboratory analyzers designed to analyze the main characteristics of microparticles. The analysis typically includes the evaluation of one or more characteristics, such as microparticle size (from fractions of a nanometer to several micrometers), molecular weight (usually expressed in daltons), and electrokinetic (zeta) potential (usually expressed in millivolts), a measure of the magnitude of the repulsion or attraction between particles. These analyzers consist of an electronic unit that performs measurements using one or more technologies that may include Doppler laser and light scattering; a measuring cell or a chamber for the sample container; and appropriate software. The unit is typically connected to a personal computer or laboratory workstation that processes and displays particle characteristics. Microparticle laboratory analyzers are intended for microparticle characterization; they may be used for particle size analysis and other related procedures (e.g., determination of polymer and protein melting points) in clinical pharmacies, and laboratories and for medical research.

Entry Terms : "Nanoparticle Characteristic Laboratory Analyzers" , "Microparticle Characteristic Laboratory Analyzers" , "Molecular Weight Laboratory Analyzers" , "Microparticle Size Laboratory Analyzers" , "Electrokinetic Potential Measuring Devices" , "Z Potential Measuring Devices"

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