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Tags, Patient Identification, Radiofrequency

Definition : Tags containing personal and medical information designed for patient identification using radiofrequency (RF) signals. These tags frequently consist of electronic chips with antennae that can transmit data using RF electromagnetic radiation. RF tags may include batteries to power an attached radio transmitter (active tag); other tags work with the energy supplied by a location device (passive tags). Patient identification tags are usually attached to an ankle band, wrist band, or badge; dedicated tags (i.e., chips) intended for implantation in the patient's body are also available. The tags are used mainly to locate patients (e.g., to identify unconscious patients, to prevent mentally disoriented patients from wandering, to locate infant and children); other intended uses include preventing identification mistakes during surgical and radiotherapy procedures.

Entry Terms : "Radiofrequency Identification Tags" , "Passive Radiofrequency Identification Tags" , "RFID Tags" , "Patient Identification Tags, Radiofrequency" , "Battery-Powered Radiofrequency Identification Tags" , "Active Radiofrequency Identification tags"

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