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Dental Attachments, Precision, Partial Denture, Intracoronal

Definition : Precision partial denture attachments designed to attach the partial denture to receptacles at a point inside the abutment crown contour. These attachments are typically two-component devices that attach to each other with a high degree of precision: one component is fixed within the abutment crown and a second component is an integral part of the partial denture base; they are usually of a dovetailed or a slotted design. Rigid and, less frequently, resilient attachments are available that permit a slight vertical movement, hinging action, or rotational movement as the patient bites.

Entry Terms : "Intracoronal Precision Partial Denture Attachments" , "Intracoronal Precision Attachments, Partial Denture" , "Intracoronal Attachments, Partial Denture"

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Preat Corp

Company Type: Parent

PREAT Corporation remains the only multi-generation family owned Precision Attachment Company. PREAT has no affiliation with any implant company.

Sterngold Dental LLC

Company Type: Parent

Sterngold Dental, LLC is the union of two strong companies with impressive dental histories: APM-Sterngold and ImplaMed. Sterngold was founded in 1897 as a fabricator of precious alloys, and is credited as among the first to produce consistently formulated and alloyed dental casting golds. ImplaMed was created by a company specializing in the micro-machining of sophisticated implantable devices for medical and dental products manufactories.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).