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Testicle Implants, Saline-Filled

Definition : Testicle implants that are prefilled or filled during surgery with saline solution. These implants typically consist of a single-lumen outer shell (e.g., silicone elastomer), saline solution filler, a self-sealing injection port, and a tab to secure the implant in a fixed position. The implants may be either prefilled or filled during surgery through a valve with a fixed volume of saline; some implants may allow saline content adjustment after implantation. Saline-filled testicular implants are available in a variety of sizes; they are used to provide or restore normal physical appearance (i.e., for cosmetic reasons) in patients with loss (e.g., trauma, illness) or absence of one or both testicles; they are not intended for functional replacement of the testicles.

UMDC code : 23855

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