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Dura Mater Implants

Definition : Implants designed for replacement of the dura mater, the outermost of the three membranes (i.e., meninges) that cover the brain and the spinal cord. These implants typically consist of patches of biologic or synthetic (usually biodegradable) grafts; they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the intended site of implantation. Synthetic implants are typically bilayered biodegradable composites of a dyed foil (inner face) and an undyed polyglactin; biological implants may consist of a cross-linked collagen matrix (including physiologically compatible collagen that is free of active viruses and prions) that is available as a sponge, a film, or a nonwoven matrix or, less frequently, of allografts taken from cadavers. Dura mater implants are used to repair damage to the surface of the brain and/or spinal cord caused by trauma or disease; collagen matrix implant pores (typically with a diameter of 10 to 500 micrometers) permit infiltration and growth of meningeal tissue.

Entry Terms : "Meningeal Membrane Prostheses" , "Prostheses, Meningeal" , "Dural Substitutes" , "Dura Substitutes"

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LifeCell Corp

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LifeCell develops and markets tissue repair products for use in reconstructive, urogynecologic and orthopedic surgical procedures. LifeCell's current marketed products include: Stratticeā„¢ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix and AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, for plastic, reconstructive, general surgical, burn and periodontal procedures.

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Founders Bill and Vieve Gore started W. L. Gore & Associates in the basement of their home in 1958. The company initially served the electronic products market. Fifty years later, in 2008, Gore celebrated its long success at translating dreams into tangible, valuable realities for customers and communities around the world.

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