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Calipers, External Anthropometry

Definition : Calipers designed for external measurement of the distance from side to side of a bony anatomic structure such as the thorax, pelvis, or cranium or the diameter of a circular or nearly circular structure. These instruments are frequently sturdy, metallic, compasslike, handheld instruments that may include two adjustable, frequently curved, hinged legs or jaws; Campbell-type calipers include a central graduated frame, two sliding flat bars, and an auxiliary graduated scale or an inverted T structure to facilitate fine adjustment and increase the accuracy of measurement (i.e., vernier calipers). The calipers are intended for anthropometric measurements of the body, such as the shoulder (i.e., acromial) breadth, transverse chest, and the external margins of the iliac crest (bicristal). Dedicated external anthropometric calipers are available for measurement of the pelvis (i.e., external pelvimeters) and of infant craniums to assess abnormal or twisted conditions of the head (i.e., plagiocephaly).

Entry Terms : "Breadth Calipers, Anthropometry" , "Anthropometry Calipers, External" , "Calipers, Bone, Anthropometry" , "Orthopedic Calipers" , "Calipers, Orthopedic" , "Bone Calipers" , "Castroviejo Calipers"

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