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Operating Tabletops, Spinal

Definition : Operating tabletops designed for use as a detachable component in operating tables using a common pedestal used in spinal surgical procedures. These tabletops typically consist of a rectangular top made of metal, plastic, or a metal/plastic/carbon-fiber composite and are supported by a fixed base (pedestal) or a movable, swivel-caster base. Spinal operating tabletops are designed for optimal patient positioning and surgical team access while performing spinal surgical procedures. Most of these tabletops have radiolucent supports for intraoperative fluoroscopy and also have rotational capabilities up to 360 degrees. Spinal operating tabletops are used for lumbar and cervical spinal surgery, including surgical procedures for correction of deformities (e.g., osteotomies, laminectomies). Spinal operating tabletops and their individual segments are raised and lowered by mechanical gears or hydraulic piston systems using manual controls (e.g., cranks, foot pedals) or electronic controls (e.g., foot pedals, levers, remote-control units).

Entry Terms : "Spinal Tabletops, Surgical" , "Operating Tabletops, Spinal Procedure" , "Spinal Tabletops, Operating"

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