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Iontophoresis Units

Definition : Devices that introduce soluble ions into the body by means of electric current (i.e., iontophoresis). These units consist of a current generator and electrodes which are connected to the generator by lead wires. The electrodes are immersed in a solution (typically electrolytic) and attached to the skin. A low amplitude, direct current, supplied by the current generator is then conducted between the electrodes, transporting the ions transdermally (a form of electrohydrosis). Iontophoresis units are used for therapeutic drug administration and sweat tests; they are also used to control hyperhydrosis

Entry Terms : "Iontophoresis Stimulators" , "Iontophoresis Electrodes" , "Electrodes, Iontophoresis" , "Stimulators, Iontophoresis"

UMDC code : 12185

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