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Liquid Nitrogen Container Transfer Connectors

Definition : Connectors designed to withdraw liquid nitrogen from vessels containing the cryogenic liquid (e.g., Dewar flasks). These connectors can regulate the pressure and the flow of the liquid nitrogen (e.g., up to 8 or 10 liters/minute); they may be attached to Dewar flasks of several different capacities (e.g., 25, 50 liter) following appropriate procedures for the connection; the content of the Dewar flask usually may be replenished without removing the connector. Liquid nitrogen container transfer connectors are mainly used for safe transference of the liquid to other devices such as a different cryogenic container.

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Chart Industries Inc

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Chart Industries, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered products and systems for a wide variety of cryogenic and heat transfer applications. Our industrial gas equipment is used throughout the liquid gas supply chain in the production, storage and end use of natural gas and industrial gases.

Cryofab Inc

Company Type: Parent

Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and servicer of cryogenic equipment and accessories. Custom as well as standard fabrications depict the product mix. Customizing ability allows Cryofab to offer ASME, DOT, ANSI, IATA, TPED and PED products.

Custom Biogenic Systems

Company Type: Parent

Custom Biogenic Systems is a leader in the design and manufacturing of laboratory products and supplies. In addition to innovative cryopreservation equipment, we supply upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters / cassettes and frames as well as laboratory boxes and dividers.

Technifab Products Inc

Company Type: Parent

Our goal is to attract and retain customers by providing quality products at competitive prices and delivering better customer service than anyone else. We believe that our integrity and professionalism, along with our cryogenic expertise, will help meet your needs and solve your problems.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).