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Analyzers, Physiologic, Body Pressure Distribution, Back/Seating

Definition : Body pressure distribution physiologic analyzers designed to determine the area of contact and to evaluate the pressure exerted by the body when sitting and/or leaning on a surface. These analyzers typically include sensors to determine the contours of the contact area and the pressure existing at each point of the interface between the body and the sitting and/or back surfaces of a chair or wheelchair, an electronic unit to process the information, and a display typically showing in a colored map the areas of contact and the pressure values for each contact point. Back/seating pressure distribution analyzers are used to determine the high-pressure areas, determine abnormal positioning of the body while resting on a surface, facilitate selection of appropriate support surfaces and/or cushions, and help in the treatment and prevention of decubitus ulcers.

Entry Terms : "Seating Pressure Distribution Analyzers" , "Back Pressure Distribution Analyzers"

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Tekscan Inc

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