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Dentures, Complete

Definition : Dentures designed for replacement of all teeth in the upper (i.e., maxilla) or lower (i.e., mandible) jaw. These dentures are typically a removable custom-made or preformed prosthesis that includes artificial porcelain or resin teeth attached to a movable metallic (e.g., titanium) or polymeric (e.g., acrylic) base that fits on the alveolar ridge. Complete dentures are available to replace all natural teeth in the upper (maxillary) or lower (i.e., mandibular) jaw. Dedicated complete dentures intended for insertion over one or more remaining teeth, roots, or implants (i.e., overlay dentures) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Dentures, Complete, Lower" , "Dentures, Complete, Upper" , "Lower Jaw Dentures" , "Upper Jaw Dentures" , "Mandibular Dentures" , "Maxillary Dentures"

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