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Prostheses, Beard/Mustache/Sideburns

Definition : Prostheses designed to resemble the natural hair growing on the lower part or down the sides of a man's face (i.e., beard and sideburns, respectively) or above the upper lip (mustache). These prostheses typically consist of pieces of synthetic hair in a variety of styles, colors, and hair densities attached to a base that is usually glued on the appropriate area on the face. Beard, mustache, and/or sideburn prostheses are intended to restore and/or modify the physical appearance of users.

Entry Terms : "Beard/Mustache/Sideburns" , "Sideburns" , "Moustaches" , "Beards" , "Hair Prostheses" , "Prostheses, Hair" , "Cosmetic Implant/Prostheses"

UMDC code : 23588


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