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Prostheses, Nasal

Definition : Prostheses designed for total or partial replacement of the external part of the nose. These prostheses usually consist of a removable piece of plastic such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or silicone elastomers and, less frequently, of metals (typically titanium) that resemble the shape and other characteristics (e.g., texture, color) of the natural nose. The prostheses may be fixed to the face using different methods, including implant-retained, anatomically retained, and adhesive-retained techniques. Nasal prostheses direct air flow to the nasopharynx, help to maintain proper humidity for the sinuses and respiratory mucosa, restore normal speech resonance, and provide support for eyeglasses. The prostheses are used after radical surgery, traumatic amputation, and/or serious burns of the nose; they are intended to protect exposed tissues and/or cavities and to restore physical appearance. Nasal reconstruction may be also performed using autogenous and/or allogeneic tissue (e.g., e.g., cartilage) implants.

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Nasal, Dorsal" , "Prostheses, Maxillofacial" , "Prostheses, Paranasal" , "Nasal Prostheses" , "Prostheses, Rhinoplasty"

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