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Manometers, Maximum Inspiratory/Expiratory Pressure

Definition : Manometers designed for noninvasive measurement of the maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressures. These manometers typically consist of a portable electric powered measuring instrument, sensors for nasal and oral pressure measurements, controls, and a display that shows the values and waveforms of the pressure and their variations; the manometers may also include dedicated software for the assessment of other characteristics. Typically, such software is loaded by the user onto a computer (e.g., personal computer) that is connected to the manometer for data transfer. Maximum inspiratory/expiratory pressure manometers are intended mainly to diagnose and assess the variations in respiratory muscle strength and endurance, especially during therapeutic and/or rehabilitation treatments in patients who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Entry Terms : "Inspiratory Pressure Manometers" , "Expiratory Pressure Manometers" , "Maximum Expiratory Pressure Manometers" , "Maximum Inspiratory Pressure Manometers"

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