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Radioactive Technetium/Carbon Particle Encapsulated Gas Generators

Definition : Generators designed to produce and store gamma-emitting radioactive technetium gas mixed with carbon particles. These generators typically consist of a calcinations vessel (graphite or carbon crucible) where a gamma emitting solution of technetium 99m is placed. The vessel is located in the generator where a stream of air dries the solution; then the solution is converted in radioactive technetium gas by heating it at a very high temperature usually in an atmosphere of argon. The patient inhales the radioactive gas into the respiratory tract from a collection container where the gas is stored, either immediately or from an administration set after a storage period. The gamma ray emission images taken from the patient's lungs are used for diagnosis of existing and/or potential lung diseases (e.g., pulmonary emphysema).

Entry Terms : "Encapsulated Technetium Carbon Composite Generators"

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