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Air Cleaners, Particulate/Gas/Vapor, Germicidal, Ultraviolet Light

Definition : Germicidal air cleaners designed to kill most bacteria (e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and many virus types using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These devices are typically enclosed metal (usually stainless steel) air cleaners with UV (radiation at 254 nm is typical) lamps, particulate filters, fans, and switches. UV germicidal air cleaners are intended for continuous use in healthcare facilities, including waiting rooms and doctors' offices, especially where ceiling height or other conditions do not allow the installation of UV lamps higher than 7 feet; the devices are less effective against fungus and bacteria spores.

Entry Terms : "Air Cleaners, Germicical, Ultraviolet Light" , "Ultraviolet Particulate/Gas/Vapor Germicidal Air Cleaners"

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AeroMed Inc

Company Type: Parent

AeroMed offers air purifiers, sputum booths, air filters, and environmental testing services to healthcare facilities to help protect staff, patients and visitors from potentially contaminated air.

American Ultraviolet Co

Company Type: Parent

Since 1960, American Ultraviolet has manufactured close to 60,000 effective UVC germicidal fixtures for commercial, healthcare, and residential applications.

Bioquell Inc

Company Type: Parent

Bioquell specializes in the design, manufacture and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for airborne and surface contamination in the healthcare, life sciences, food production and defense sectors.

Hanovia Specialty Lighting LLC

Company Type: Parent

Hanovia, the pioneer manufacturer of UV curing products, has been producing UV Lamps, irradiators, UV sterilization and photochemical equipment and power supplies since 1905.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).