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Flowmeters, Blood, Ultrasonic, Transcranial

Definition : Flowmeters designed for non-invasive (i.e., transcranial) measurement of blood flow in the main brain arteries; the instruments typically process the spectrum of the shift of pulsed ultrasound waves (i.e., Doppler effect) reflected by blood movement to assess the blood velocity. These flowmeters typically consist of a unit including a radiofrequency generator, electronic circuits to process the signal including computerized capabilities and a dedicated software, cables, a probe with ultrasound transducers, controls, and a display; the flowmeters are also available in portable versions. Transcranial ultrasonic blood flowmeters may be used for external assessment of blood flow in any major artery of the body; they are particularly used for evaluation of blood flow in intracranial (e.g., anterior, middle, and posterior cerebral) arteries intended to detect emboli and diagnose vasospasm and stenosis.

Entry Terms : "Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeters" , "Intracranial Blood Flowmeters"

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Spencer Technologies Inc

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Spencer Technologies is the world leader in the design and development of digital Power M-Mode Transcranial Doppler. This patented technology is designed to reduce healthcare costs, minimize test variability and improve patient outcomes.

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