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Prostheses, Lower Limb, Ankle Disarticulation

Definition : Lower limb prostheses designed for partial functional (primarily flexion) replacement of the distal portion of a missing limb amputated at the ankle articulation, in which the tibial component of the articulation is preserved. These prostheses typically consist of external or partially implantable devices with a mechanism that provides flexion (i.e., acting as a hinge) and some degree of internal and external rotation and locking positions at the distal end of the foot component of the prosthesis; they are usually attached at the proximal end with a socket that allows direct load transfer (i.e., end-bearing) making intimate socket fit less crucial than in through-bone amputations. Disarticulation ankle prostheses are available in a great variety of configurations and sizes; they may be passive, mechanical, or patient-actuated. The prostheses are used mainly in patients who have congenital abnormalities or who suffered amputations due to illness (e.g., diabetes) or traumatic accidents.

Entry Terms : "Ankle Disarticulation Prostheses" , "External Limb Components, Ankle/Foot" , "Disarticulation Prostheses" , "Ankle Component Prostheses" , "Prostheses, Ankle" , "Ankle Prostheses"

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