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Stimulators, Electromagnetic, Low-Intensity

Definition : Electromagnetic stimulators designed to apply low flux density (in the order of microtesla) signals to body tissues. These stimulators usually apply short-duration, pulsed, radio-frequency energy, resulting in a very small temperature increase on the target tissue (typically less than one degree Celsius). The devices typically consist of a stationary or portable electrically powered (e.g., battery) generator, probes including appropriate transducers (usually coils) to be placed near the treatment area, and a cable to deliver the signals from the generator to the probe. Dedicated low-intensity electromagnetic stimulators are available with appropriate signal levels and transducers and probes that are intended to promote healing in soft tissue or wounds; dedicated stimulators are also available for the brain and/or spinal cord that are intended for analgesic purposes or to treat behavior disorders.

Entry Terms : "Electromagnetic Stimulators, Low-Intensity" , "Neuromodulators"

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