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Apheresis Units, Blood Donor

Definition : Apheresis units primarily designed to automate the separation, collection, and reinfusion of blood components such as plasma, platelets, and leukocytes from a healthy blood donor. Typically, one or more components are separated and collected and the rest of the blood is automatically reinfused; with the use of automated methods, large quantities of specific components can be obtained from a single donor. Blood donor apheresis units usually consist of a disposable pheresis set (i.e., a tubing set that connects the patient to the apheresis unit), pumps (e.g., rotary peristaltic pumps), a centrifugation chamber, bowls, filters, clamps, controls (e.g., centrifuge and pump speed, volume of solution added), alarms, and bubble detectors. The blood products collected depend on the needs of the blood center and the weight, total blood volume, and hematocrit of the donor. Dedicated apheresis units are available to collect only plasma or platelets (i.e., perform only plasmapheresis or plateletpheresis, also called thrombocytapheresis).

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