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Scissors, Surgical, Vascular, Artery

Definition : Vascular surgical scissors designed for fine and sharp incision and/or dissection of arteries (i.e., arteriotomy). These scissors are typically handheld manual instruments with two metallic (e.g., stainless steel) curved blades, a long shank, and very sharp tips that slide past each other (i.e., shearing action). The blades are typically attached to handles, with the proximal end conformed as a ring to facilitate holding and operating with the fingers; both parts are joined by a swivel pin in the center. Arterial surgery scissors are mainly used in vascular and cardiovascular procedures; smaller and more delicate scissors are used in neurosurgical procedures (e.g., intracranial vasculature). Dedicated artery surgery scissors are available for incision of the coronary arteries and to trim and prepare the internal mammary artery or the saphenous vein for coronary anastomosis.

Entry Terms : "Scissors, Artery" , "Artery Scissors"

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