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Scissors, Surgical, Episiotomy

Definition : Surgical scissors designed to perform an incision in the peritoneum and vagina during labor (i.e., episiotomy). These scissors are typically handheld, manual instruments with two metallic (e.g., stainless steel), wide angled or curved wide blades, long shanks, and rounded blunt tips that slide past each other (i.e., shearing action); usually one blade is longer than the other and has a serrated edge. The blades are attached to handles with the proximal end conformed as a ring to facilitate holding and operating with the fingers; both parts are joined by a swivel pin in the center. Scissors with larger finger rings and flat shanks to facilitate operation (e.g., ribbon style) are also available. Episiotomy scissors are used in obstetric procedures to prevent traumatic tearing during delivery.

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