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Physiologic Monitor Module Housings

Definition : Enclosed cases and supports (i.e., housings) designed to hold physiologic monitor modules separate from a bedside monitor or other modular physiologic monitor and display units, without any data processing capabilities. These devices typically consist of a metal or hard plastic structure with appropriate slots or racks to place the monitor modules; the housings typically include common power and ground circuits and cable connections to the main unit. Physiologic monitor module housings are used to support the individual modules used in modular or modular/configured physiologic monitors with a configuration that is physically split in two or more parts while keeping all processing capabilities in the main unit.

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Sotera Wireless

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Sotera Wireless, Inc. is a San Diego, California, based medical device company dedicated to development, marketing and sale of a new generation of comprehensive vital signs monitoring. Soter is ancient Greek for savior. Sotera's mission is to improve patient safety by empowering clinicians to detect signs of deterioration in virtually any care setting and enable early intervention and rapid response, all without limiting the patient's freedom of movement. Sotera believes in the power of wireless technology to collapse time and space in healthcare – smart application of wireless technology will enable healthcare providers to do things better, faster, and cheaper.

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