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Data Interface Units, Physiologic Monitor/Computer, Temporary Storage

Definition : Physiologic monitor/computer data interface units designed to allow communication between a monitor and a computer and/or computer peripherals, providing data download capabilities and temporary storage of data from the monitors for later (i.e., not in real time) numerical and/or graphical data processing in a computer. These devices typically include an electronic processing unit including memory circuits, appropriate software, and wireless or cable connections between the output of a monitor and the input of a computer. Temporary storage monitor/computer data interface units are intended for the analysis of digital data from bedside or personal monitors (e.g., pulse oximetry, blood pressure, heart rate, weight) that do not allow direct downloading of data to a computer; use of the interface may reduce the size and weight of small (personal or bedside) monitors by limiting their activity to data collection and transferring the task of data and graphical processing to a personal computer or workstation.

Entry Terms : "Physiologic Monitor/Computer Data Interface Units, Temporary Storage" , "Data Interface Units, Temporary Storage"

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Global Device Management LLC

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Our original focus was the use of visual information in operating room settings where our solutions have increased productivity by giving surgical teams access to critical visual data (radiology/EMR/HD video/stored visual data/live remote consultation with other specialists, etc.), without leaving the patient's side.

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