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Biopsy Guns, Side-Notch

Definition : Biopsy guns designed for the automatic extraction of core tissue samples (typically in the form of a cylinder) from an anatomic structure of the body with minimal sample and surrounding tissue damage. Side-notch biopsy guns typically include a reusable, spring-loaded mechanism that advances an inner disposable biopsy needle (trocar); when the spring is released, the side notch of the inner needle fills with tissue, and a cut-core tissue biopsy sample is extracted when the outer cannula is triggered. Biopsy guns are used mainly to obtain samples of soft tissue from internal organs, including the kidneys, prostate, pancreas, and liver and the breast. The procedures are frequently performed under image guidance (e.g., radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic resonance).

Entry Terms : "Side-Notch Biopsy Guns"

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