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Transducers, Pressure, Vascular Aneurysm, Radiofrequency

Definition : Transducers designed to convert pressure to radiofrequency (RF) energy to measure the pressure in an aneurysm sac that is excluded from the blood circulation (usually in an area of thrombus) by a stent-graft implanted to repair the vascular aneurysm; the transducer works with an external unit including a handheld probe that makes contact with the skin to read the pressure from the transducer signal. These transducers typically consist of a hermetically sealed electronic circuit without power sources and a micro membrane that translates pressure changes in the aneurysm sac into resonant frequency changes in the transducer (usually changing the capacitance value in a capacitance-inductance resonant circuit). The unit antenna transmits RF energy to the transducer; the frequency of the feedback signal sent by the transducer to the console is displayed as a value of pressure in the console monitor. RF vascular aneurysm pressure measuring transducers, in combination with a matching external unit, are used during endovascular procedures intended to repair vascular aneurysms (typically abdominal aortic aneurysms); comparing the value of the pressure in the aneurysm sac before and after the exclusion of the sac from the blood circulation during the aneurysm repair procedure facilitates the detection of internal leaks.

Entry Terms : "Vascular Aneurysm Radiofrequency Pressure Transducers"

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