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Manometers, Vascular Aneurysm, Radiofrequency

Definition : Manometers designed to measure the pressure inside a vascular aneurysm using a radiofrequency (RF) transducer that is implanted in the aneurysm sac created by a stent-graft implanted to repair the aneurysm; the sac is excluded from blood circulation during the procedure. The device consists of a portable or cart-mounted console, which includes an RF generator, an antenna, electronic circuits, and a monitor; the console works with a sensor/transducer that is usually implanted in the aneurysm sac at the same time as the stent-graft. The console antenna transmits RF energy to the transducer, which has a variable resonant frequency according to the pressure in the aneurysm sac; the frequency of the feedback signal returned by the transducer to the console is displayed as a value of pressure in the console monitor. RF vascular aneurysm manometers are used during endovascular procedures to repair vascular aneurysms (typically abdominal aortic aneurysms); comparing the aneurysm sac pressure values before and after the exclusion of the sac from circulation during aneurysm repair facilitates the detection of internal leaks (e.g., type I endoleaks).

Entry Terms : "Pressure Measuring Units, Vascular Aneurysm, Radiofrequency" , "Radiofrequency (RF) Vascular Aneurysm Manometers" , "Radiofrequency Vascular Aneurysm Pressure Measuring Units"

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