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Warming/Cooling Units, Patient

Definition : Units designed to regulate a patient's temperature by heating or cooling. These units usually include a central system with heating and refrigerating capabilities, controls, alarms, and some means (e.g., blankets) to deliver thermal changes to the patient. Patient warming/cooling units are used to warm patients who are hypothermic, to maintain normal body temperature during and after surgery, to cool feverish patients, or to induce hypothermia to lower metabolism (e.g., during cardiac surgery, neurosurgery).

Entry Terms : "Hypo/Hyperthermia Units, Central" , "Hypo/Hyperthermia Units, Mobile, General-Purpose" , "Hypo/Hyperthermia Units, Mobile" , "Hypo/Hyperthermia Units" , "Hyperthermia Units, Circulating-Air" , "Heater/Cooler Units" , "Thermoregulators" , "Heat Therapy Units"

UMDC code : 12068

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