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Facility Booms

Definition : Structures suspended from the ceiling, secured to the floor, or securely attached to the wall that are designed to organize and support hospital utility services (e.g., electricity, gas) and medical devices. Structures that are self-contained and mobile are also available. These booms typically consist of a ceiling-, wall-, or floor-mounted structure, or free-standing unit that consists of a support system, a pendant head, and an equipment carrier; they may include medical gas outlets, vacuum inlets, electric power outlets, communication systems, medical device support brackets, and attachments such as suction canisters and intravenous solution hangers. Facility booms are usually installed in operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac catheterization laboratories, interventional radiology suites, emergency rooms, and other healthcare areas; dedicated booms intended to support operating microscopes are also available.

Entry Terms : "Operating Room (OR) Booms" , "Surgical Booms" , "ICU Booms" , "Equipment Booms, Intensive Care Unit" , "Equipment Booms, Surgical" , "Equipment Delivery Systems, Surgical Boom" , "Operating Room (OR) Power Booms" , "Surgical Facility Booms, Surgical Unit"

UMDC code : 22612

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