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Heating Pads

Definition : Pads designed to provide heat to an area of the human body. These pads are usually made of several layers of soft (e.g., natural fibers, plastics) materials sealed in a fabric or plastic outer covering. The pads may include: (1) heating elements (e.g., wires) connected to an external power source, (2) a heat conducting layer (e.g., carbon polymer) placed on a flexible (e.g., viscoelastic foam) pad that conducts heat supplied by a low voltage power source, or (3) a set of or channels appropriate to circulate warm liquids from an external pump. Heating pads are mainly used to alleviate pain, help in treating muscle spasms and joint stiffness; they are also used to prevent hypothermia. Dedicated heating pads are conformed in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the anatomic part to be heated.

Entry Terms : "Pads" , "Warmers" , "Warming Pads" , "Heat Therapy Units"

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