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IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Serology, Parasite, Taenia Species, Antibody

Definition : Serology reagents intended to detect antibodies to species of Taenia, large tapeworm parasites of the family Taeniidae. Several species of Taenia parasitize human intestines; T. solium and, less frequently, T. saginata may cause cysticercosis; Taenia parasites live in adult form in human intestines and in larval form (forming cysts) in the muscles and the central nervous system. These parasites are usually transmitted to humans via inadequately cooked pork or beef.

Entry Terms : "Taenia Species Reagents, Identification" , "Cysticercosis Diagnostic Reagents" , "Taenia Species Detection/Identification Reagents" , "Reagents, Serology, Parasite, Taenia Species, Antibody"

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Antibodies Inc

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Antibodies Incorporated was founded in 1960 to provide essential products for the growing immunology market. In the years since our founding AI has grown into a 40-acre facility comprised of laboratories, manufacturing and animal care units. We have space for large animals like goats and llamas, housing for rabbits and small rodents (rats, guinea pigs, hamsters). We have recently created a facility for ten thousand mice including immunocompromised and specialty strains.

Quidel Corp

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Quidel Corporation (Nasdaq: QDEL) is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well being of people around the globe with well known and respected products that provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the point of care (POC).

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