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Refrigerators, Morgue, End-Opening

Definition : Morgue refrigerators with openings that permit the insertion of cadavers in a longitudinal (i.e., along the long axis of the body) position. These refrigerators are designed to slow decomposition of stored cadavers in the morgue during autopsy procedures or until the cadaver is disposed of; the refrigerator usually operates at temperatures between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius (39 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit). They typically consist of one or more chambers madewith corrosion-resistant (typically stainless steel) interiors, minimizing the risk of adulteration, contamination, and/or corrosion of contents; a small (e.g., 54 x 70 cm [21 x 27.5 inch]) door, configured for appropriate storage and easy manipulation of cadavers; a compressor, condenser, evaporator, tubing, controls, and alarms for dependable long-term storage according to morgue procedures. When the door is opened and the tray is fully extended, the cadaver is displayed in a full head-to-toe view. End-opening morgue refrigerators are available with a telescoping mechanism or a conveyor tray system permanently located inside the refrigerator; both mechanisms fully support the body tray and cadaver outside the refrigerator chamber.

Entry Terms : "Morgue Refrigerators, End-Opening" , "Morgue Refrigerators, Roll-In" , "Morgue Refrigerators, Telescoping Tray" , "Morgue Refrigerators, Conveyor Tray"

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