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Syringe/Needle Destroyers, Needle Burning

Definition : Needle and/or syringe destroyers especially designed for destroying needles attached to a hypodermic syringe by high-temperature oxidation (i.e., burning). These devices are typically a container with an aperture for needle insertion that includes two low-voltage electrodes; the current heats the needle to a high temperature (typically from 1,500 to 1,800 degrees Celsius), oxidizing the needle into metallic oxide ash in a few seconds. A sealed cartridge collects the ash. The remnants of the syringe without the needle and the ash cartridge (not sharp disposals) may be disposed of in a standard biohazard waste disposal unit. Needle-burning syringe/needle destroyers frequently include a mechanical cutting mechanism for complete destruction of the syringe; some devices are capable of mechanically destroying both the needle and syringe when there is no electric power available. These devices are typically reusable.

Entry Terms : "Syringe/Needle Electrical Destroyers" , "Needle Oxidizing Syringe/Needle Destroyers" , "Needle Burning Syringe/Needle Destroyers"

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It is estimated that more than 5.6 million workers in health care and public safety occupations are potentially exposed to accidental needle sticks from used hypodermic syringes.

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