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Syringe/Needle Destroyers

Definition : Devices designed for rendering hypodermic syringes and/or needles unusable and ready for disposal. These destroyers may be manual devices that use mechanical action or electrical devices that use a burning unit to destroy the needle and/or a cutting unit to destroy the syringe. Some devices are capable of mechanically destroying both the needle and syringe when there is no electric power available. After destruction, the container debris and the unusable syringe remnants are ready for disposal.

Entry Terms : "Destroyers, Needle" , "Crushers, Syringe/Needle" , "Hypodermic Syringe Destroyers" , "Needle Destroyers" , "Syringe Destroyers" , "Destroyers, Syringe" , "Needlestick Prevention Devices" , "Sharps Injury Prevention Devices"

UMDC code : 21916

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