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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Definition : Devices designed to interrupt (i.e., trip, cutting out power) an electric circuit if a ground fault occurs causing a leak current beyond a predetermined level. These devices operate based on variations of magnetic flux when current changes. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are usually installed as outlets intended to supply power to electric equipment with a trip current limited to 4 to 6 mA for personal protection. Devices intended to protect equipment but not people, are usually set to trip at higher leak currents (e.g., 6 to 50 mA) and are frequently called equipment leakage electric interrupters. GFCI devices should operate in a very short time (e.g., typically less than 25 milliseconds) to offer appropriate protection; most devices need a manual reset after a ground fault occurs. GFCI are mainly intended for areas where water, high humidity, and/or other hazardous electrical conditions may be present; they are available as outlets for equipment connection (typically for personal protection) or fixed to equipment for protection.

Entry Terms : "GFCIs" , "Residual Current Leakage Breakers (RCLBs)" , "Appliance Leakage Electric Interrupters (ALCIs)" , "Residual Current Devices (RCDs)" , "Equipment Leakage Electric Interrupters (ELCIs)"

UMDC code : 11920

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