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Definition : Gowns are loose, flowing garments designed to be worn by patients and healthcare professionals. Gowns are available in many different styles and lengths, depending on their intended use. Gowns are made from various woven and non-woven materials and are available in many sizes for men, women, and children. Most gowns have snap, tie, or Velcro closures. Medical gowns are designed to be worn over clothing by healthcare professionals, facilities staff, and visitors; these gowns are mainly intended to protect clothing from physical contamination. Medical gowns typically have open backs for breathability. They can be used in almost all areas of healthcare facilities including examination rooms, operating rooms, procedure rooms, laboratories, and supply and preparation areas. Patient gowns are designed to be worn instead of clothing by patients in doctors' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Patient gowns are usually light-weight, short-sleeved, thigh-length garments made of woven or non-woven materials and are intended to facilitate easy access to patients during examinations and medical procedures. Isolation gowns are intended to protect the wearers from infectious diseases by fully covering their clothing. Isolation gowns usually provide more coverage than other gowns, including a full back and long sleeves with elastic cuffs.

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