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Burs, Surgical, Eye

Definition : Surgical burs designed for gentle abrasion and/or removal of foreign objects from the eyes. These burs typically consist of a shank made of steel or tungsten carbide with a well-differentiated working head in appropriate sizes and shapes (e.g., rounded, cylinder, cone) on the distal end; a small, thin proximal end to fit into an ophthalmic slow-speed rotary handpiece; and a neck that connects the shank to the working part. Dedicated eye surgery burs are available for specific applications (e.g., corneal abrasion and/or rust-ring removal); they are used to polish small scratches, remove foreign objects from the eye surface, and to remove rust stains from the cornea. Eye burs are intended for reuse after sterilization or to be disposed of after a single use.

Entry Terms : "Ophthalmic Surgery Burs" , "Eye Surgery Burs" , "Burs, Corneal"

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