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Curettes, Biopsy/Surgical, Uterine, Suction

Definition : Uterine curettes designed for scraping and suctioning the uterine lining (i.e., endometrium) and/or the contents of the uterus. These curettes are usually metal, straight or angled, handheld manual instruments, with blunt edges at the working end and one or more openings to allow the passage of aspirate. The curette is attached to a uterine suction unit; it is used to evacuate fluids, tissue from the uterine lining, and/or contents of the uterus. Biopsy/surgical suction uterine curettes are used to obtain tissue samples (some devices attach a single-use strainer to collect the sample); they are also used to remove the contents of the uterus after incomplete miscarriages or in abortion procedures (e.g., uterine curettage procedures).

Entry Terms : "Uterine Suction Curettes" , "Suction Curettes"

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