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Bougies, Esophagus, Mercury-Filled

Definition : Esophageal bougies filled with mercury (a metal that is liquid at room temperature) that are designed to dilate a narrowed area in the esophagus. These bougies are typically strong-walled rubber or latex tubes filled with mercury to provide a flexible weight, either with a round, blunt tip (Hurst type) or a fine tip tapered to full diameter over several centimeters from the tip (Maloney type). Mercury-filled esophageal bougies are available in sets that include bougies with a variety of diameters; they are intended to treat cardiospasm, esophagitis, and stenosis.

Entry Terms : "Hurst Esophageal Bougies" , "Maloney Esophageal Bougies" , "Mercury-Filled Esophageal Bougies"

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