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Catheters, Esophageal, Brachytherapy

Definition : Esophageal catheters designed for brachytherapy treatment of the esophageal wall. These catheters are usually radiopaque single-lumen (typically about 1 cm diameter) tubes; the catheter is inserted through the mouth and advanced until its distal tip is close to the area to be treated. The catheters are left in position and connected through an external tube to a remote afterloading brachytherapy system that delivers the radioisotope into the catheter. The source (e.g., iridium 192) is usually welded to a stainless steel wire that is advanced into the catheter following fixed steps called dwell positions. Brachytherapy esophageal catheters are intended to be used for high-dose treatment of malignant tumors.

Entry Terms : "Intraluminal Brachytherapy Applicators" , "Brachytherapy Catheters" , "Esophageal Brachytherapy Catheters" , "Catheters, Brachytherapy, Esophageal"

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