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Procedure Kit/Trays, Biopsy, Aspiration, Breast Duct Cell

Definition : Prepackaged collections of the devices and supplies (either custom or standard) needed for obtaining a sample of cells intended for biopsy from the breast milk ducts by suction through a fine needle. Items in these kits usually include an aspirator (e.g., a transparent port attached to a syringe) to identify the nipple ducts, very thin dilators to facilitate ductal cannulation, a blunt catheter to infuse and collect fluid to and from the breast ducts, and a vial to collect and transport the cells for cytological analysis in the laboratory (in a manner similar to the way a Pap smear is performed). The kits may be supplied in supporting trays (i.e., procedure trays) consisting of a flat-bottomed receptacle with a border around the periphery supporting all the instruments and supplies needed for the procedure; the trays are usually covered or wrapped. Breast ductal cell procedure kits and trays are intended for use in healthcare facilities (e.g., hospitals, doctors' offices) for obtaining and preparing breast ductal smears of women at high risk for developing breast cancer.

Entry Terms : "Ductal Lavage Kits" , "Breast Ductal Cell Sampling Kits" , "Sampling Kits, Breast Ductal Cell"

UMDC code : 20921

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