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Reader/Digitizers, Image Plate, Radiography

Definition : Image plate reader/digitizers designed to read a latent image that has been captured on a radiography image plate (typically an x-ray energy storage phosphor plate), usually by scanning the plate with a laser beam, and then convert the signal to a digital format. These devices typically consist of a laser, a light guide, a photomultiplier tube to produce an analog electrical signal from the image plate, and an analog to digital signal converter designed to digitize the image information. Dedicated plate readers are available for single (either portable or stationary) plate reading or multiple plate reading. The digital information is usually transmitted automatically to the workstation of a digital imaging system for processing, storage, and/or display.

Entry Terms : "Radiography Image Plate Scanners" , "Reader/Digitizers, Image Plate" , "Digital Image Capture Units" , "Scanners"

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